It’s a Trap! (door)

New trap doors as well as stripped logs are coming soon to ZigZag! I’m really liking the added detail you can get with these extra decoration blocks. One change I had to make, that some long-time ZigZag users might notice is that the default trap door for the pack has been changed to represent the … Read more

Look at this lil’ sea poop!

Finally finished up the Dolphin texture as the race to finish all of the underwater textures continues! They’re not easy to get a quality screen shot of, so I’ll have to get some more high rez beauty pics when things settle down 😉 These lil guys will be available as part of the pack for … Read more

The Seaweed is always Greener

Made some big progress towards the underwater textures as part of the Bedrock porting process! Basically my plan is to finish up all necessary blocks to be able to release on Bedrock, and then re-integrate them into a massive update for Java as well. So as soon as we get out of snapshots and into … Read more