Last two cats!

Last two cats complete! Now it’s all down to the last few bugs and device tests before sending off for approvals, but all the textures are finally done for the next Bedrock update! Loads of bugfixes and optimizations are also in this next release, and lots of sprucing up of the 64x edition especially to … Read more

More Bits and Bobs

Lots of little bits and bobs are getting done! Crossbows/spawn eggs/scaffolding/bamboo/ and a few new dyes! Several bugs were also addressed this week to clean up Bedrock edition for the next pass. As a reminder the newer stuff (cats/pandas/crossbows) won’t be in the pack until the next bedrock release and until java is out of … Read more

More Kitties on the Way!

More cats are coming to ZigZag! Persian, Red striped, Calico, Black and white! I sourced these wonderful kitties from people on twitter, so their names and personalities are all based on real cats. Thanks to everyone who submitted cat pics! I wish I could draw them all, but I ended up just basing it on … Read more