Full Changelist of edits to ZigZag

Full release for Minecraft version 1.15. Includes all Villagers/Pillagers/Bees and bee blocks!

Various Bugfixes! Added missing horse textures, missing coral and recipe button.

It’s finally here! The 1.13 edition of ZigZag!

This updated added tons of new stuff!

Nitwit villager now uses the old farmer, and there is a new farmer texture! 

  • More realms GUI, including screenshots
  • realms now 88% complete!
  • Block variation: Stone now uses variant textures!
  • Block variation: Dirt now uses variant textures!
  • Block variation: grass now uses variant textures!
  • Block variation: gravel now uses variant textures!
  • 50% realm gui textures added
  • re-uploaded soundpack for 1.12
  • Bugfixes! Many transparency issues addressed
  • Bugfixes!  Outlines removed from armor textures in empty slots
  • Bugfixes! New enchanting table GUI to prevent text overlap
  • Block variation: Sand now uses variant textures!
  • Block variation: Coarse Dirt now uses variant textures!
  • Bugfixes! Many transparency issues addressed
  • Added missing water temple/wilderness mansion to the map texture
  • missing sheild texture added
  • pumpkin/melon stems extended so they can be seen in first growth state
  • logo for Realms and some icons
  • Gui/preset images added!
  • All Major Textures done for 1.12!!
  • Many Bug fixes! (enderdragon texture/side of the water/overall block transparency issues)
  • All Parrots Added!
  • MOBS 1.12 Complete!!
  • Added recipe GUI
  • Added missing recipe book to inventory screens
  • clock 02 added back in
  • back of paintings made to look like wood
  • removed grey square from illusioner’s face
Finished all Glazed Terracotta Blocks
  • lightblue added
  • pink added
  • red added
  • toasts
  • advancement/widgets
  • title/edition
  • advancement tabs
  • advancement backgrounds
  • recipe background
  • shulkerbox
  • Fixed llama butts not to be upsidedown haha
  • glazed terracotta: green
  • glazed terracotta: lime
Remaining beds finished!
  • Black
  • Magenta
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Brown
  • Purple
  • Added silver/white/blue/red beds!
  • Added all Concrete Powders!
  • Added white glazed terracotta: Made to look like subway tiles
  • Added brown glazed terracotta: pairs with granite nicely
  • Added blue glazed terracotta: looks good as pool tiles
  • Added purple glazed terracotta: accent block to purpur!
    • Added gray, orange, and light blue bed
    • Adjusted many colors of wool/terracotta
    • Added concrete!
    • Added gray glazed terracotta (made to look like kitchen tile!)
    • Added silver glazed terracotta (made to look like kitchen tile!)
  • Added bars gui texture
  • Added server gui…and with that 1.11 is complete!
  • 1.12 added cyan and lime bed
  • 1.12 added knowledge book item
  • Sweep 
  • Enderdragon fireball 
  • End gateway beam
  • Evoker Fangs
  • BUGFIX: Iron bars work again!
  • Added Polar Bear!
  • Added all Llama decor/carpets!
  • Added redstone line01/02/dot
  • Added VEX
  • Added STRAY!
  • Added frosted ice
  • Added end rod
  • Added….. LLAMAS!!