Java Edition

ZigZag 1.15

v 1.15

2/1/2020 Update


-Mob status effects complete
-Steve now uses correct skin
-Missing animated smoker texture added
-Breaking texture added for iron golem
-Shield overlay fix
-Various bee artifacts removed
-Texture for jigsaw block added
-Villager overlays no longer have pixel outline

ZigZag 1.13

v 1.13

12/28/2018 Update

Added  brand new 64x version of the pack! Several bug fixes as well

ZigZag Sounds

v 1.12.2

2/12/2018 Update

Fixed the soundpack to work with the 1.12 update.
The Soundpack right now only has a few chill main theme songs written by Matthew Jamieson. In the future it will be updated to include sfx and record edits.

Version History