Work Continues on Nether Update

Progress continues on the nether update for ZigZag! Made sure I took some thought on making the new wood/doors in a way that will help spice up builds! I also have the warped/crimson nylium finished, which I’ll try and take a nice screenshot for!

ZigZag Update

Hay all! Just an update, not probably the one you want to hear 😉 Just know that I am indeed working on the nether update, but it has been significantly delayed. Things were getting all caught up after village and pillage and I was finally feeling on top of things, that is of course…until a … Read more

Bugfix Pass for Java 1.15

Several bugs just got fixed for 1.15 java edition (I’ve also fixed several for bedrock, but those will need to wait for the next approval round on the pack so it’s better to group more into an update) BUGFIXES -Mob status effects complete-Steve now uses correct skin-Missing animated smoker texture added-Breaking texture added for iron … Read more

Bedrock Updated to 1.8

Head on over to the marketplace for the 1.8 update of ZigZag! New textures and bugfixes galore! Get the Update Here’s list of what’s included: -New Key art that includes Pandas/cats-Major optimizations of textures to try to un-greylist pack on medium tier devices -Added all new 1.8 textures: Dyes/pandas/scaffolding/bamboo/ cats-Lots of work cleaning up textures … Read more