ZigZag Update

Hay all! Just an update, not probably the one you want to hear 😉 Just know that I am indeed working on the nether update, but it has been significantly delayed. Things were getting all caught up after village and pillage and I was finally feeling on top of things, that is of course…until a pandemic hit.

– I am still working full time at Harmonix during the days, but now with the pandemic we had lost childcare that was giving me the availability to work on textures on my time off each week. basically when I’m not working, I’m watching the baby so my husband can take a break. Good news there, we have opened up our bubble again, and are going to have a routine where my parents can help a few days a week, so I’m hoping that will get more minecraft time back

-I did have some animal crossing time, but don’t worry that’s not replacing minecraft time :wink: I can work on “textures” in animal crossing because it’s a handheld system and you can do that with a baby who won’t sleep unless rocked for hours on top of you.

-We have also had two deaths in my family. My close cousin has died of cancer and thanks to the pandemic, we can’t properly have a service to say goodbye to him. His mother died just two weeks later from complications with dementia and covid-19. (that is why the past few weeks have been even more quiet than usual)

-That being said, I will always be working in whatever capacity I can to bring zigzag up to date, just know that it takes me a bit longer being a team of…well just me. I apologize for the delay, and hope it will be worth it in the end just as the villagers were in the long run.

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