ZigZag Updated for 1.19!

The Time has arrived! ZigZag is now officially updated for 1.19!
Bedrock sneakily snuck through on Friday, and I’ve just put up the java edition on the downloads page!

Please excuse the slightly janky appearance of this site, in a twist of fate, the minute I went to update it, all my site making plug-ins decided to poop the bed. But I’ll hopefully be cleaning things up in the coming weeks!

So! What is in this update?! A LOT.
-Caves and cliffs
-The Wild Update

What is next? More bugfixing as always, work to start on the next rapidly approaching update and the 64x version of java, which should be faster since it’s just an edit of the 128x. Thank you all for sticking with me all these years! Please join us on the discord to report any bugs, or to show off some ZigZag builds. Special thanks as always to my wonderful QA and my family 🙂


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