Bedrock Updated to 1.8

Head on over to the marketplace for the 1.8 update of ZigZag! New textures and bugfixes galore!

Get the Update

Here’s list of what’s included:

-New Key art that includes Pandas/cats
-Major optimizations of textures to try to un-greylist pack on medium tier devices
-Added all new 1.8 textures: Dyes/pandas/scaffolding/bamboo/ cats
-Lots of work cleaning up textures in the 64x pack to be crisper
-Tons of little texture tweaks to address minor bugs
-removed block noses from bunnies (should be all in texture)
-removed block waddles from chickens (should be all in texture)
-bug fixed green string in 64x
-removed edge bug from trident texture

A Barrel & Some Fancy New Tables

Progress is being made on the many new blocks in the next update! Starting with the barrel, the fletching table and the cartography table. I matched the cartography table to look good with the darker wood that I use for ZigZag bookcases, so it will fit nicely in a library setting. I also made one side with map storage drawers which can be used as additional decoration in builds. All these blocks will be coming soon once Java is out of snapshot, and Bedrock has it’s next updates.

New textures! Java Progress

I’ve currently ported over bamboo, scaffolding, pandas,crossbows, dyes, and all cats (Save for jellie) from bedrock to java.

I’m also starting to dig in to the new textures like the berry bushes, new flowers, and signs. Just as a reminder, I don’t like to update the pack when it’s still in snapshots, so these might be held for a bit until the official next version comes out. This helps avoid bugs that may be from the snapshot phase. For now, the pack is still on 1.13 and should be complete for that version, but I will continue to update on the progress of all the new blocks as I go!

Bedrock Submitted/ Java Bugfix and 64x

Pandas, cats, scaffolding and bamboo are all coming soon to Bedrock edition! The pack has been tested and submitted, and now awaiting approvals, so hopefully not too much longer before it hits the marketplace.

With Bedrock submitted I’ve gone full steam ahead getting Java back up to parity. Currently the pack is still on 1.13 as I do not like to submit until mojang moves out of snapshots. So far I’ve justs wrapped up some bugfixing, and creating the 64x version, which is now available to download! This early version still has HD UI elements, as I think it may need a custom lower rez solution.

List of the bugs fixed in this edition:
-removed extra pixels off of fishing bobber
-fixed unevenness in all bed textures
-fixed underwing of enderdragon to not be invisible, and removed extra pixels
-removed rotation on red sand
-distinct colors from shulker/purple shulker

Head on over to the download here:

Last two cats!

Last two cats complete! Now it’s all down to the last few bugs and device tests before sending off for approvals, but all the textures are finally done for the next Bedrock update! Loads of bugfixes and optimizations are also in this next release, and lots of sprucing up of the 64x edition especially to get it running faster and looking better.