ZigZag is coming to the Marketplace!

Time for BIG EXCITING NEWS! I am now an official Minecraft Partner! Which means ZigZag is coming to the Minecraft Marketplace!
That means it will be available on all platforms including Pocket Edition, VR, and the consoles! What does this mean for the Java Edition? Not too much really. I will be continuing to provide all updates to Java, and as a bonus I’ll be able to get a jump on some features directly from Mojang to hopefully help with releases in the future. BUT for a little while I’ll need to focus on the port to Bedrock, so you will see less frequent java releases for a bit. As a bonus though, that means I’ll FINALLY be doing that PE port 😉
Thank you everyone for all your continued support and excitement! I would never have made this pack for so long with out all of the people encouraging me over the years

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