Phantom & Update on timeline!

Just finished up the Phantom, and he will be coming soon for Java and Bedrock Edition! But what about the release for both of those? What’s been happening??

Well! Bedrock is currently in the certification phase. This means it’s been packaged up and submitted. It will include part 1 of the aquatic update and will hopefully be out in the next few weeks sometime if all goes well. As soon as I know the official release I will blast it out here and on twitter and discord. (also the sweet reveal of the keyart/logo!)

Rather than continue to release during the java updates and give you all broken textures every few weeks, I’ve been holding the update until we get the official next version. This means I can keep up with block name changes that would break peoples textures, and release a much more stable version. Good news is that it’s been working great so far, and the conversion to new block naming structure is already well underway.

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