ZigZag 1.14 Bedrock and 1.15 Java Released!

It’s finally here folks! After much toiling away down in the texture mines, the updates for Zigzag are out for Bedrock and Java! This should keep bring both versions of the pack up to parity with the current releases.

It’s been quite a year! As many of you know shortly after ZigZag came to the marketplace I got pregnant, and 9 months after that had a lovely little girl, so my time was massively pulled away from pack work. It hasn’t been easy juggling textures, a full time job, and a baby….which is another full time job 😉 But it’s finally where it needs to be!

I know I haven’t been the most active online or on the discord as well, but know that I super appreciate all the enthusiasm and bug sleuthing and overall support for the pack that you show each day.

I have a few more things planned soon, but it’s a post for another day!

For now please enjoy the trailer, and head on over to the download pages:

(NOTE: Bedrock will go live once the Minecraft store updates)

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